To finish off a formal ensemble, Bow Ties are a must-have accessory for the classic gentleman. RAMS Bow Ties are a new take on a classic accessory, letting the modern gentleman express himself through a variety of styles. And because we know the art of mastering the Bow Tie isn’t easy, RAMS Bow Ties come in self-tie and pre-tied varieties.

RAMS Bow Tie Connoisseurs individually design each Bow Tie, considering the fabric texture, volume, and final look-and-feel to bring you the most exquisite works of art. RAMS sources only the world’s finest fabrics, hand-sewn by skilled artisans which gives each bow tie a unique touch. Each fabric and style comes in a limited edition, exuding its own charisma and personality. Worn with a RAMS Signature Pocket Square and RAMS Signature Pin and you are good to go!

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